Prakash Deep is a non-governmental, not for profit organization set up with the objective of providing free quality education, a substantial mid-day meal and basic medical care in a safe and friendly environment to the underprivileged children.

Initially, only children living in and around Sector 21-A, Faridabad came under our care. However, over the years, children from nearby villages, such as Fatehpur, Sanjay Colony and Ankheer have become part of Prakash Deep. The school originally started with seven students in May 2003. Presently there are 637 students enrolled at Prakash Deep. Nearly 530 plus children turn up every day in the three locations where our classes are held. The children are divided into different groups according to their capabilities. Classes extend from Nursery Level to Class VIII. Students above Class VIII are enrolled in the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and through the open school stream, these children are helped to clear the  Secondary and Senior Secondary levels of their education. The syllabus is structured according to the guidelines of the National Council of Educational Research and Training, as well as the philosophies, environment and resources of Prakash Deep.

As an organisation Prakash Deep believes:
  1. In extending free education and other facilities to underprivileged and particularly street children where ever they are. Our program is geared to bringing the maximum number of children into the fold of education.
  2. In furtherance of our above objective, we believe in involving the community so that those who believe in the cause of education will come forward to lend us a helping hand. All our activities are transparent and visible for this reason.
  3. We believe in replicating this model by taking the school to locations easily accessible to children we aim to help.
  4. We believe in all round development of our wards to enable them to compete with children coming from better circumstances and studying in regular schools. In advancement of this objective, training in the use of English Language and Information Technology is essential. These have been included as an integral part of the curriculum.
  5. We believe in the concept of ‘learning by doing’. For this our wards are given a free hand in dismantling and reassembling computers to get an insight into what different parts are like and what commonly used words actually mean.
  6. We believe that it is the concerted effort of the government, the corporate world and the NGO(s) working sincerely in the field of education that can tackle the problem of illiteracy which has plagued our country for ages.

The transparency provided by the open air environment has helped in getting the community involved in our cause. People living in the sector and surrounding areas help by volunteering, extending support in kind and sponsoring deserving students to get into regular schools. Since April 2009, Prakash Deep has worked in partnership with the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) http://labour.gov.in/content/division/nclp.php  –  this is a Central Government sponsored effort to stop children under 14 years of age from being employed as labourers in households, shops, dhabas, factories etc. This support from the NCLP has been withdrawn since April 2017 in the review of government policies. Prakash Deep however, is continuing to operate with the help of the family, friends and the grace of God.

Working with students from Ryan International School  
With students from Manav Rachna University

We also partner with other private and public schools to sensitise children coming from higher strata of society as to the problems underprivileged children face. At the same time the underprivileged children interacting and partnering with them learn to be more confident and aware of the issues related to environment, health, hygiene and education. Children from regular schools are inspired to share their knowledge with the underprivileged by volunteering. On account of transparency our unique environment provides us, we have been able to attract highly educated volunteers from inside the community, from nearby educational institutions and from all over the world to come and help the school with their experience and expertise. Prakash Deep acts as a bridge by connecting the two ends of a broad spectrum.

Prakash Deep Trust Team comprises of educationists, professionals drawn from the media, experts from the developmental projects, dedicated retired personnel from the forces and highly educated professionals from the fields of economics, technology and the corporate world. All members of the trust share the belief that these children have immeasurable potential and are a resource for the country, which if left alone would turn into a liability. Extending timely help for sustenance and education is crucial not only for improving their future but also for severing the inextricable link between poverty and illiteracy.