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Awareness Ventures

Prakash Deep has organized educational trips for its wards  from time to time. The latest was to Teri Gram- to study Solar energy concepts.  In 2012 we took the children to see the Nehru Planetarium  and the Planetarium to learn about Space and India's Independence Struggle.

A visit to Teri Gram to study Solar Energy August 2014

On a visit to the Planetarium and Nehru Museum , Teen Murti Bhavan

Awareness campaign on Mathura Road  against child labour was probably in 2010. We organized several visits to historical places like the Red Fort, India Gate, Kutub Minar, Rajghat and the Lotus Temple. 

Rang Mahal -Red Fort                                                                                         In the lawns in front of Kutub Minar

                       Playing in the lawn of Rajghat                                                                      Awareness campaign against child labour on Mathura Road