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Libraries can play a major role not only in helping children to read but also in improving their other literary skills. At Prakash Deep we are dealing with underprivileged children. They have have had no access to books of any kind in their dismal home environments. It became our endeavor to set up a library with colorful Hindi and English storybooks. Friends and family added to our collection and soon we found that we had nearly a thousand books. We started to index them – a task with which volunteers Gabby and Macy helped.

Books in a Bag

For us, space was at a premium. We could not offer children easy access to books, which were stored in two bookcases inside the computer lab. The concept of the books in a bag library was born out of this necessity. We made different bags containing books relevant for different grades and then sent them to children studying in the park during the library period. The library went to them instead of them coming to the library. We have hired a house recently, which has more space. At least the higher classes can come there but the books in a bag library will continue to function for a long time, that is, until we have a proper building of our own and a quiet corner dedicated exclusively to a library.