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Sita, A Brave Story

It was 2003 when Sita, her three sisters and their mother entered our lives. They had lost their father who had worked as a watchman in the sector in which we live. Soon they were out of school and had no place to live with no source of livelihood. Their beautiful mother worked hard and, with some help, the children were sent back to school. She toiled day and night to make ends meet.

Sita was bright. She finished secondary and senior secondary from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and became the first teacher in our school. In the second half of the day, she went for a Computer Fundamentals Course, an English Language Course and also finished the Nursery Teachers Training over the course of two years. At home she helped her mother and looked after her sisters. Two of the younger ones were sent to the Gurukul in Delhi where they studied for six years.

Their mother suffered from a rare disease called Moya Moya. Sita stood by her day and night and slept out in the open in the all India Medical Institute. Her mother recovered and came home. Moya Moya attacked again and after a fortnight of struggling, she breathed her last. Four young members of the Prakash Deep family had lost their mother. Sita walked barefoot to the cremation ground, shouldering the funeral pyre and lighting it, a task normally done by sons. Her Prakash Deep family stood by her, and our hearts went out to her in her hour of adversity.