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Prakash Deep Green

When we asked children to paint their dreams , they thought about green energy and even created simple cardboard models of a green school.


Over the years  at Prakash Deep we have come to the conclusion that what we need is a Green School, which would continue to use the open-air environment –using renewable sources of energy with minimal investment on infrastructure and unnecessary embellishments. Our students have created a small model of our school in an open environment like a public park where we plan to set up gazebos for classrooms (which would gel in the park environment) mounted with solar panels/ canopies to produce our own energy and at the same time provide us shelter from rain. There would be two Porta Cabins (temporary pre-fabricated structures) - one to serve as a computer lab a smart class and a library and the other would hold our daily need items and a science lab. There shall be six Gazebos  to begin with to serve as classrooms also mounted with solar panels.

Our dream is to set up a world class school with the best academic standards with highly trained faculty members to impart quality education to our children.