Our objective is not only to provide free education but also to engage our students in a variety of programs that will develop them into happy and fully functioning members of society. We also offer programs to help underprivileged adults in the surrounding area, and to improve the knowledge and skills of our teachers and other staff members. Our programs focus on:

Engaging the Community

Engaging the residents and community in and around the area in the process of development is an important aspect of our programme schedule. We attempt to involve like minded people to help our children on a voluntary basis by devoting time to coach them in academics or by training them in different crafts and skills. We have been able to attract a number of volunteers to spend time in the school to teach our children on a regular basis.

Participation of Parents

Facilitating proactive participation of parents and the children themselves in the development process is imperative to ensure awareness on the part of parents who themselves are illiterate and do not attach importance to regular attendance in school, to regular study hours for their wards or to forming good habits. This is done through regular parent-teacher interaction.

No Discrimination

The school is pledged to providing free and quality education without discrimination. Children from all castes and religious backgrounds attend school without any sense of alienation. Equal opportunities are made available to boys and girls.

Generating Respect for the Environment

Generating respect for environment through Tree Plantations, conservation of water and cleanliness campaigns in the vicinity is a programme in which children from regular schools and colleges in the neighborhood also participate. This not only gives our children an opportunity to learn about the environment but instills in them greater confidence and also a desire to move ahead like other children in life.

Awareness Campaigns

The school organizes picnics and visits to historical places within Faridabad and in Delhi to become conscious of the history and cultural heritage of India. Places of historical importance which they have visited so far are the Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar and Gandhji’s Samadhi. Picnics have been organized in Faridabad itself. In August 2014 the visited the Teri Gram - The Solar Energy Centre near Faridabad.

Facilitating Health Checkups

The school has received partial medical assistance from hospitals in the neighbourhood over the years. There are other well wishers of the school who have come forward to help as well. Dr. Pavan and Madhu Chowdhry from Modi Hospital, Dr. Veena Gupta and Dr. Sandeep Abrol have been of great assistance to the school. They inoculated the entire school against Hepatitis B.

In January 2012, the school started a new programme with the help of Dr. Veena Gupta. The programme focuses on imparting nursing skills to our students above the 15 year age group. Apart from theoretical knowledge, the children are being imparted practical training in giving first aid.

Sudha Rustagi and Manav Rachna  Dental Colleges  have carried out dental check ups for Prakash Deep students on a regular basis since 2013. Rotary Club Sanskar  carried out eye check ups for Prakash Deep students.

All the children are provided a nutritious mid-day meal by Iskon.