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Adult Education

In July 2013, Prakash Deep extended its facilities to the illiterate parents of its wards by introducing the Adult Education Program in the new premises acquired for the Centre for Learning and Skill Development. The first class started with three female adults and has since proved to be popular, with the number of attendees growing every day.


  • To impart functional literacy in reading, writing and arithmetic
  • To impart relevant skills to improve their job prospects
  • To create awareness about hygiene and health and awareness about family planning
  • To create awareness about their rights and civic duties as citizens
  • To Develop critical thinking
  • To solve individual, social and cultural problems
  • To help their children in their studies at home

Topics of Study

  • Reading road signs,instructions, posters and news
  • Writing letters and simple narrations of events and experiences
  • Writing applications to various District/State Authorities, Banks, FIR and Police.
  • Filling in different categories of forms such as money orders and railways reservations
  • The decimal system
  • Currency - Rupees and Paise
  • Units of measurement for weight, distance and liquids
  • Units of time - hour, minute and second
  • Days of the week and months in a year