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Computer Literacy

Bridging the Gap

At Prakash Deep we feel that although Information Technology has revolutionized the world. This revolution, however, creates a gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not. Prakash Deep strives to bridge this gap by providing free access to internet and computer technology and training facilities, not only to students but also to its staff members and the general public.

Computer and Internet Services

A regular computer literacy class began in early August 2012 and is currently held in a house in close proximity to the park, which we acquired in June 2013. The house serves as our Prakash Deep Centre for Learning and Skill Development.

The center is equipped with sixteen laptops and broadband Internet Connection for student and public use. Presently around 150 students are attending Computer Literacy Courses each academic day. We are also conducting a Computer Hardware course.


The idea is to impart quality education to these children so that they can smoothly transition to the mainstream. This would also give them an opportunity  and a level play field to compete with other children and to move ahead in life.  With the education imparted in Prakash Deep, we have hopes that they would excel - more than 100 students who have been already mainstreamed into other regular schools are topping in their respective classes and are appreciated by their new school teaching staff members.